Put your Crypto to work.

Get a loan on the conditions no bank will ever have.

Trustless service – all assets stored in the blockchain.

Use any digital asset as a collateral

  • No Credit Check
  • Low interest rates
  • Full privacy

Money make money, right? But in Fiat world it takes lots of time or a huge «headstart». With crypto you can use any amount of your savings, even $100 – lend it with APR, higher than the banks have and try to earn even more with crypto – the new gold.

  • Set any conditions
  • Your assets are safe
  • Simple management
  • Flexible strategy
Earn to crypto

Sends an equal sum in BTC – fast, secure and fully private


Has spare funds to invest

Gets collateral as a security

Sends digital asset as a collateral

Gets it back once repaid


Has a digital asset, doesn’t want to sell it

Gets any desired currency

Pays back

Asks for $100

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Benefits for both sides

For lenders

  • A new use case for your crypto

    Trittium is now introducing monetization of tokenized assets. Your Blockchain assets are the ideal form of loan collateral. Make em’ work – why letting go?

  • Go big

    Anyone can become your borrower. You can lend as much as you wish – there’s no cap to the loan amount. Whatever feels right for you.

  • It doesn’t cost a fortune.

    The nature of the Blockchain eliminates fraud and thus greatly lowers associated costs.

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For borrows

  • The right investment

    With us, you decide which loans to take. You only invest if it feels right for you. Once you have decided on a deal, the rest is on us –we have automated the process for you.

  • Stay secure

    Protection against collateral devaluation, as well as an automated obligation refinancing mean that you always enjoy a high level of security.

  • An all-round solution - it’s that simple.

    No need for a credit score, credit history or a guarantee for that matter. Backing a loan with your crypto collateral means quick and easy process.

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Special conditions for Trittium users

  • One account for all services
  • 20% Fee discount
  • Special offers & promotions
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  • TrttAuth

    One key provides you with access to all the trttServices (trttNodes, trttWallets, trttLoans).

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    Get ready for a new generation of investment platform.

    Easy to get in with minimum amount of 10 EUR invested and no limits on the invested amount. No pre-defined seat, shares or slots

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    Access and operate with your funds from everywhere on any device with trttWallets (desktop, mobile, web applications).

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What exactly is the Trittium platform?

Trittium is a block-chain based peer-2-peer lending platform.

It allows holders of Blockchain assets to leverage their holdings as collateral for cash loans. Trittium is the first asset-backed lending platform to give Blockchain asset holders access to liquidity without them having to sell their crypto currencies. We provide investors with an innovative and secure opportunity to lend against a high-growth asset class through a fully-collateralized debt vehicle.

Q: Why are Blockchain assets the ideal collateral?

Blockchain assets are an ideal form of collateral because they are inexpensive to transfer, store, and liquidate when compared to traditional forms of collateral like real estate or stocks. The key innovation of the Blockchain is its distributed, peer-to-peer ledger. The Blockchain allows for the highly efficient management of collateral in a transparent and publicly viewable manner. This eliminates fraud and greatly lowers transaction costs. Because Trittium is built to capitalize on the advantages of distributed ledger technology, we can offer competitive interest rates to borrowers and an attractive risk/reward profile to lenders.

Q: Where is the Trittium company based?

Trittium is the name of the brand and crypto currency coin owned by Megano International Co.

Megano International Co is registered in Talin, Estonia…

Q: Why Estonia?

Estonia is a European Union member, which has its E-government and provides E-residency for entrepreneurs. This means that the company can be managed completely online.

Estonia also grants specific licenses to companies which are operating with crypto currencies which allows us to offer wallet and crypto exchange services.

Q: Is the Trittium platform available in my country?

One of the reasons that Trittium chooses the Blockchain technology is that there no borders and limits for crypto. trttLoans and all other trttServices are available worldwide.

Q: What is LTV?

The loan-to-value (LTV) ratio is a financial term used by lenders to express the ratio of a loan to the value of an asset purchased. The term is commonly used by banks and building societies to represent the ratio of the first mortgage line as a percentage of the total appraised value of real property.